Image Free Gold Mine Generator

This is a tool to generate image free gold mines of Magistream creatures. You get a BBCode version (for e.g. Magistream profiles) and a HTML version (for e.g. websites).


In order to generate the mine, go to your Keep, click "Embed multiple" on the top right and then click all those creatures you want to include in the mine. Copy the code on the embedding page, paste it in the box below and hit "Generate image free mine" button. Creature URLs and HTML formatted codes will also work. You can also take a tab's source code (ctrl+u on firefox, opera and chrome on PCs) and paste it as is to the generator.

Two boxes will appear at the end of the page. One is for a BBCode mine and one is for a HTML mine. Copy the content of the box that suits your purpose (for Magistream profiles use the BBCode one) and paste it where you need it. The generator will remove all duplicate codes but not frozens or in-trade creatures etc.

The default settings will generate a block with 50 links per row and 200 links per block with "O" as the image-less mark. You can change these defaults by choosing different values from the drop down menus.