Creature checker

With this tool you can see specific details, like parentless/bred, named/unnamed etc. about the creatures you enter.

By default the creatures will be displayed in the order they are entered but you also have the option to sort them by species name in an alphabetical order by the species name and also grouped by the species. This is handy if you have a tab custom sorted and need to see how many and what kind of each species creatures there are.

Choosing "Group by species" will display the creatures grouped by species and ordered alphabetically by the species name.

Choosing "Sort by species appearance" box will display the creatures grouped by species but in the order their species appear in the entered codes.

Please note that the checker can handle about 200 codes at a time. Entering more at once may make the checker crash.

Check also other version that provides a more numeric and statistical approach: Version 2 - shows tables of how many and in what stages of each species creature there is.